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INTRODUCTION TO NUMBER THEORY I Number theory is the study of the integers, but this description hardly conveys the beauty of this part of mathematics. INTRODUCTION TO NUMBER THEORY I. Spring 2018, Wednesdays pm-7pm, WWH 517. Office hours by appointment. Topics include primes in arithmetic progressions, zeta-function, prime number theorem, number fields, rings of integers, Dedekind zeta-function, introduction to analytic techniques circle method, sieves.

Number Theory - College Homework Help and Online Tutoring One of the main goals of this course is pedagogical: to see that mathematics is a vibrant intellectual activity and not a set of fixed rules developed by some higher authority. Number theory deals with the analysis of integers, i.e. whole numbers without fractions or decimals. Many applications of modeling are by nature only valid for whole numbers and can never be parts of a number. For example, when counting people, or animals.

Math 25 Number Theory This viewpoint is especially useful for future teachers. Homework. In Math 25 you have a number of responsibilities, the first of which is being fully aware of the content of the general information page. In particular, that page contains dates of midterm exams, policy regarding homework, how the honor principle applies in this course, and; how grades will be computed. Written homework assignments

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